San Diego Eviction Prevention Collaborative

About is a one-stop resource supporting San Diegans struggling to pay rent, stay housed, and understand their housing rights. is brought to you by the San Diego Eviction Prevention Collaborative.
The San Diego Eviction Prevention Collaborative was formed in 2019 to efficiently respond to and prevent avoidable evictions.  It is hosted by City Heights Community Development Corporation and led by the most significant tenant support organizations, including City Heights CDC, Legal Aid, Jewish Family Service, and ACCE.

Why is this needed?  Avoidable evictions destabilize families, harm children, perpetuate systemic inequality and increase health risks, especially during the COVID pandemic.  Eviction is costly and difficult for both tenants and landlords, and a very inefficient way to collect tenant debt.  Other large urban areas have established community and government interventions that reduce avoidable evictions.  The Eviction Prevention Collaborative is working to implement these proven strategies in San Diego.

One of the San Diego Eviction Prevention Collaborative’s key resources is, a tenant assistance website launched in April 2021. brings together in one site (English/Spanish) up-to-date, vetted tenant information, registration for on-line Know Your Rights workshops, and contact information for all the major organizations providing tenant support and rental assistance funds.

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